No Angels in San Chuan

No Angels in San Chuan - Baltasar Campo: episodes from an Alto-Aragonese life.

In the remote Alto-Aragonese Pyrenean mountains there is often happiness and humour but it is paucity, superstition and a strictly observed religious calendar that govern life.

In 1920 in the village of San Chuan de Plan, Baltasar Campo is born during a light earthquake just hours before the religious spring-clean that is the fiesta of San Antonio.   This is a bad omen - before the end of his first day on this earth, others will tot-up and tattoo him with black marks he does not deserve.

Amazon 5 star review:...

I hadn't read any Walter Gunn before but this was excellent.   I especially liked the characterisation of the principals - Balthasar and Alegria, and their gentle love story.   A really good read.   

I have just ordered the Billy Ruffian's Courier books to see if they are as good.    End of review...