Baltic Exchange

'Wherever politics is involved: truth will be jeopardized....
Whenever politics and intelligence are in the mix: intelligence will be compromised.'
    Admiral 'Billy Ruffian' Jessop.

Billy Ruffian's Courier.    (Part 2. - Baltic Exchange). the third book in the Royal Naval Billy Ruffian's Courier Trilogy,  Baltic Exchange is another gripping Sims Reeves novel.

It is, as with Rites of Passage and Hawkshaw, a clever mix of actual events and fiction. Sims has moved upwards... he is now a commander... his field has broadened to international counter-espionage.

Baltic Exchange takes the hero into new realms of dark dealing in the world of politics. The book is a riveting page turner and contains all the elements of a great thriller read: action; espionage; romance and humour.
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Amazon 5 star review:...
Thoroughly entertaining third episode of a remarkable character, like the first two episodes, I found myself once again hoping the book never ended. Sadly it did, but maybe there'll be another. Who knows.

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