'Hidden within our state and parliamentary framework there are things going on
that would surprise even the most cynical'
    Admiral 'Billy Ruffian' Jessop.

Billy Ruffian's Courier.    (Part 2. - Hawkshaw). the second book in the Royal Naval Billy Ruffian's Courier Trilogy. Hawkshaw is another gripping Sims Reeves novel.

Convalescing after being shot, Sims is once more recruited by Admiral Billy Ruffian Jessop. There is someone dangerous at the top who is ultimately responsible for Sims’ injuries. There are ghosts to lay and unfinished business for him to deal with. Billy Ruffian orders him to: seek and destroy, Sims... seek and destroy.

Hawkshaw is another riveting page turner from Walter Gunn. It contains all the elements of a great thriller read: action; espionage; romance and humour.
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Amazon 4 star review:...
The story continues with sworn revenge against our hero, Sims, following his devastating defeat of Russian agents in a gun battle on the Isle of Wight.

The hunt is on for whoever has been leaking information from Naval Intelligence to the Russians and the finger of suspicion is pointing to a member of the British aristocracy. Sims, now blissfully married to his beautiful sweetheart Anne, the heroine of the first part of the story, is assigned to clean up the rest of the espionage cell.
This is a task that leads him to connections between real life traitors such as Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby and their associations with the British government, MI6 and the Royal Family. Final identification of the chief suspect and proof of guilt involves Sims and his beloved in mortal danger, hair-raising action and horrific consequences for the guilty parties.

This book will have you sleepless with anticipation. Take time off and read it.

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