The Hoopoe

The Hoopoe    (Seven off-the-wall short stories by master story-teller Walter Gunn).

The Hoopoe - a poet is visited by a Hoopoe messenger who can write...

Felicity - a young girl meets a witch. The encounter alters her future in unexpected ways.

Reverend Selby's Heresy - a parochial vicar decides to change his life by taking up body-building and setting up his church up to rival Lourdes.

The Golden Mace (One for the kids) - an old spice warehouse and the ghost of a very young girl.

The Importance of Punctuation - the tragic life of a failed literary agent.

Lucid - lucid dreaming and time travel.

Hawksett and Burroughs - Violet Mimms, tea-lady and accounts department joins MI5.
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