Walter Gunn

Walter is the author of the Billy Ruffian’s Courier naval espionage series. During the period the series is set, the author was, like the hero, a Royal Naval marksman, fast launch pilot and sailor. The backdrop and substance of these books are thus based on his first hand experience.
He has written and published four Novels:
No Angels in San Chuan,
Billy Ruffian’s Courier - Part one: Rites of Passage;
Billy Ruffian’s Courier - Part two: Hawkshaw;
Billy Ruffian’s Courier - Part three: Baltic Exchange.
He is currently writing Billy Ruffian’s Courier - Part Four: Deeper.
There is also his book of short stories: The Hoopoe, and his cookery books: A Slice of the Pyrenees; The Well Thumbed Cookbook and The Snail Cookbook,
On leaving the Royal Navy, he became a motor racing engineer and constructor; hang glider designer and test pilot.   In 1975 he competed in the 1st World Hang Gliding Championships in Austria.
Walter was the managing director of a leading edge sports aviation company. His creation of the extreme sport ‘Speed Gliding’ can be viewed as a natural corollary of his passion for speed and excitement.
He has written for specialist magazines and co-written, designed, researched and produced quality corporate newsletters. He is a capable photographer - his images have been published by national and international magazines, and his sporting video footage by television.
Walter Gunn has travelled the world extensively both as sailor and as vice president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) Speed Gliding World Series and was a major player in the organisation of the 1st World Speed Gliding Championships on Mount Olympus in 1999/2000.
He has lived for more than twelve years in the Pyrenees. Walter speaks enough French and Spanish to get by.