Rites of Passage

'Gentelmen, you must all know espionage never ceases.
Portland was never going to be the end of Soviet attempts to gain naval secrets.'
    Admiral 'Billy Ruffian' Jessop.

Billy Ruffian's Courier.    (Part 1. - Rites of Passage).
        Royal Naval Intelligence Internal Memo  -   272  -  Jan 1962.
        ......The selected agent must be without living family......         end of memo 272.

Okay,  maybe it’s an unusual job description,  but hell!  this is an unusual job.
Marksman,  fast launch pilot,  orphan;  Sims Reeves has all the qualifications Admiral 'Billy Ruffian' Jessop needs.
Let’s get it straight,  he is no volunteer;  stokers never volunteer for anything  -  he’s been fixed-up and about to be shafted by his own lot.
Who’s going to notice his disappearance if things go wrong?   Who’s going to care?
It’s 1961/2 and Sims Reeves is about to enter another dangerous phase of his young life.   He,  as usual,  hasn’t a clue what’s going on.
Oh,  and just to make him a little more edgy,  Sims’s love life is in tatters too.
To stay alive, there is an important question he must answer :  just who is the enemy?  
It looks like he's been dealt cards from the bottom of the pack - a rigged hand...  things are not what they seem.   He has every right to feel more than a touch stroppy.   And stroppy men who carry 9mm Browning Hi-Powers should not be messed with...   
read on.

Amazon 5 star review:...
Sims, the hero of this story,  is young,  intelligent,  confident and supremely fit.   He is an expert with a gun and a masterful pilot of the powerful fast launches he uses in his job.   He is also recovering after losing his lover while posted abroad.   In short,  he is now every aspiring woman's dream.
But,  life doesn't ever seem easy for Sims.   He has been set up by Naval Intelligence against a deadly espionage ring in the UK  -  whereas all he really wanted was to be posted to the Far East and to the flesh pots where he planned to console himself.
He begins to realise the danger he faces and to take control of the situation.   His determination and anger culminate in violence as he conquers a passionate new love and vanquishes his adversaries.
This book is a gripping read,  a page turner thriller both to make men bewail their dull lives while leaving not a few bodices feeling tattered as well.   End of review...