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A Slice of the Pyrenees.    Simple yet stunning recipes from the Spanish Pyrenees.

Walter Gunn has for many years made his home in the Pyrenean mountains where he indulges his passion for tracking down good, local food, collecting the recipes and eating the results.   A Slice of The Pyrenees contains the best and most interesting dishes the author came across while living for almost five years in the Aragonese Pyrenees.   It is crammed with flavour, local techniques and good advice.  
    Each recipe has been tried and tested by the author and each one written about from first-hand experience.Each two-page spread is attractively photographed.   The images though, are much more than artistic expression; essentially, they convey the visual aim-point of the recipe.   The instructions for preparation and cooking are clear, the ingredients are readily available in Britain and the recipes have needed little adapting for that market.   The book’s principles are simple; right up front must come flavour, but not at budget-crippling cost, and success with the recipes must never require special skills.  The recipes all have a distinct Aragonese flavour, each showing that great food does not need to cost a fortune or involve hours of preparation and the large majority of the dishes can reach the table in just 30 minutes from the off.
    A Slice of The Pyrenees shows the way things culinary are done in the Sobrarbe Alto Aragón - a mountainous, beautiful and virtually untouched region of Northern Spain.   The dishes from this book are not run-of-the-mill, and with ovens being a relatively modern introduction there, all can be cooked on the stove top or over an open wood fire.   Many of them are surprising and most, surprisingly simple.   All of them are delicious.  
    read on and try the recipes.

Amazon 5 star review:...
This book is a journey into another kind of life, a trip into a world most of us never get to see or taste.   Centuries old roots in the mediterrenean civilisations of antiquity, yet still with fragrances and flavours full of life and colour and with us now in the peoples of the high mountains of the Spanish and French Pyrenees.   This is the culinary plainsong of a practical and rugged people among whom the author lived for several heavenly, heart-warming, years. We traverse a curtain of time into recipes and methods of a different age, brought into our modern era by virtue of the simple fact that they are still in daily use.   Wholesome local ingredients prepared in traditional ways in front of stone hearths and over open fires or, in some cases, under them.   Recipes collected from local sources, some being brought in person and given in the warm gesture of goodwill found in communities free of the anonymity of our crowded way of life.   To these have been added some newer derivatives based on older themes;   flourishes of exuberance based on appreciation of local traditions and tastes.   And all mixed in a rich sauce of anecdote and humour; a book also worth reading for its own sake, for the joy and fun of it.    End of review...