The Well Thumbed Cookbook

The Well Thumbed Cookbook.    more than 200 recipes from all over.

It's a case of 'horses for courses'; my son is a busy family man... his personal preference is for no-frills cookery books.    He needs to cut to the chase; no pics, no anecdotes - just the ingredients and the cooking method.   This book is definitely for him and those who share his sentiment.   With just over 200 recipes, The Well Thumbed Cookbook is a collection of many favourite family recipes gathered over 50 years (this unfortunately includes 'Grey Sausage Rolls' - my boy used to knock these up every Christmas and watch me trying to suppress my stomach heaving gaggings).  

    There are of course many recipes I've garnered from living in Spain and France too.   There are gems to be found: Arabian Pork Stew with Prunes, Chicken Escabeche, Pork Confit, Florence Fennel and Potato au Poule.   You would not believe how good Turnips and Spuds is.   These are just a few examples... the list goes on.  
The Well Thumbed Cookbook is fully indexed - even those who don't want images or anecdotes need an index.   
buy, read, and cook on.